Seahawks Friday download 10

Good morning ashy world! It’s Friday again (hoorah!) and this time we have a Seahawks concoction for y’all to scoop up. The captain got his bad self off the beach long enough to cook up this meaty slice of nautical lover’s reggae. We’ve both been getting into the reggae flavoured side of smooth rock and this is our tribute to the often cod reggae sound of the 70’s.

Enjoy your fridays and once again have a fantastic weekend, oh, and don’t forget record store day tomorrow. Support your local record shop!

p.s. This track will be included on the free CD with our forthcoming picture seven inch release on Static Caravan! More info VERY soon on that one. That makes it THREE Seahawks releases coming soon!



One response to “Seahawks Friday download 10

  1. heavy burbank skank – the trenchtown tinseltown flashpoint from a parallel universe where the Black Ark had expensive air con and an outside pool. Nice work again crew

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