Van 216

Finally we can announce the release of the first Seahawks vinyl, a picture 7″ to be precise on the lovely Static Caravan. Purveyors of fine sounds they!

Click here for more info and keep your eye on your fave record shop for this slice of deck shoegaze and pan fried beach pop. Limited amounts of these babies come with ‘Secrets Of The Deep’ a collection of the Seahawks tracks we’ve been uploading here, all re-mastered and sounding BIG!

Also we have a new track going up on friday so keep the vessel on course.

Van 216

High Tides/Astral Winds

Seahawks sail inland with two sun bleached slices of psychedelic deck shoe gaze and pan fried beach pop.

Moored offshore next to a Cornish atoll and utilising modern aqua technologies they captured the sounds of snorkelling, the melodies of the ocean and sub Neptune deep harmonics.

Obsessed with the sounds of the smooth and the deep, seahawks create an oceanic tapestry of deep listening ambience, phased beats and celestial debris filtered from the briney ether.

Swim with the dolphins and take a trip into the blue if a merman you should be.


7 responses to “Van 216

  1. Just got the new Lovely 7″ from geoff@ Static

    Diggin the Free CD especially the Steely Dan Riffage…

    Bring me that Horizon !

  2. Many thanks Andy! Have you checked out the CD on bunkland? deep oceanic listening…also got a 12″ out in june/july.
    Stay tuned to the shipping forecast and eyes on the horizon.

  3. How do i order one ?

    It seems to be a blogspot .

    • Static aren’t doing sales through their site (I think!) the 7″ is out at the end of the month and can be ordered on a pre-sale at both Rough Trade online and Piccadilly in Manchester. Hope you can track it down as they are pretty limited.

  4. Hi

    I bought the record via Rough Trade mail order- but there’s no cd, I thought all copies should have one?

    • there are only 200 of the cds across 500 sevens unfortunately, I think it’s a spin of the wheel as to who gets them. the CD is 7 of the tracks we had for download so not missed any new tunes. We’ll hopefully be making a CD release later in the year. Hope you like the 7 tho

  5. Thanks

    It’s a top record, the completist in me is a lttle sad though 😦

    keep the tune’s rolling captain!

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