Tender Abyss available direct!

We have a limited amount, 10 to be precise, of the first Seahawks release Tender Abyss available direct through this site. 75 of these were released through Bunkland Recordings and sold exclusively through Rough Trade and Bunkland’s blog and we believe now to have been sold through so if you are looking for sonic satisfaction, of a deep/focused listening experience nature then here is your ticket to the sub aquatic realm.

Seahawks ‘Tender Abyss 3″CD BLR3

£4 plus P+P

UK 1st CLASS 50P

R.O.W £1

orders- oceantrippin77@googlemail.com

Here’s a clip of one of the tracks ‘Immer Shimmer II’. Dive deep and watch for bubbles.

2 responses to “Tender Abyss available direct!

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  2. Got mine from lovely RT folks a few days ago. Mine’s 72. Reckon the whole shebang is 75 in total. Music to slowly swim away from sea creatures.

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