Seahawks Friday download 13

Extract from Vision Quest 1

The captain and myself recently had a bit of a  vision quest where we attempted to transport our minds back in time to California in the late 70’s-early 80’s. Perhaps around Topanga Canyon or Marina Del Rey’s down at heel cousin. Anyway, we experienced positive results when we played a party the other night. An American girl came up to us and said “oh my god this is like a dream I had where I was at a party in Califonia in the 1980’s and you were SO there”. Ok, sorry for invading your memories there, that’s a side effect.

Some of the sounds suffer from the effects of time travel, this is one of the effects we’ve experienced and we have experienced warping of many kinds – in places even reversalated warpage – but I guess this is inevitable when you’re making music in this way, across time and space, so if you feel a little phased after listening to this piece don’t worry that’s cool. Go with it.


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