Seahawks Friday download 14

Bit of a late post for us today as I had a cosmic fall and fractured my shakra so landlocked for the time being. Whilst I’ve been on the mend the captain has been cooking on gas in the boat shed once again and has just put a fresh lick of Tramadol-laced paint on to this track.

Have a great weekend.

Seahawks-Tramadol Beach


10 responses to “Seahawks Friday download 14

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  2. Hi Captain
    What is the correct track name? “Tramadol Beach” or “Demerol Beach”? Thanks.

  3. I’m fast becoming the creepy, stalking over-enthusiastic fan of Seahawks. Yes, that’s me sending you photos of my ‘Seahawks’ tattooed genitals…

    I’m off to play in Ibiza this weekend and I’ll have both your 12″ and 7″ in tow… If your music has the ability to lift my spirits in grimey old London, it’s going to sound positively transcendental in the Balearics!

    Thanks Captain, loving it.

    • Oh man! Glad you are getting deep with Seahawks and most excellent that you are spinning them in the balearics:) the Captain and I would LOVE to do an evening terrace session one day. We built Seahawks for such an occasion (or on a yacht)! Anything you can swing there? I think we can offer you some off radar seahawks tunes as a bung;) anyway dude, soak the atmosphere with the hawks and have a splendiferous time.

  4. I will definitely keep that in mind. My business partner lives in Ibiza and is a bit of a man about town… I’ll make a point of playing him some bits when I’m there. Is there a live incarnation of Seahawks, or do you DJ together?

    • There’s a live band in formation with decks and FX ready to roll. Have a 2 1/2 hr set at a big festival in august. I think next year we will be looking at a more live set up.


  5. Well I can’t match Ibiza but I’ll be playing Tramadol Beach in my set at Solfest – lovely sound (I refuse to use the “B” word … )

  6. … now I’ve said that I’ve missed my chance to download it!
    You wouldn’t consider upping it again would you? Please?
    Thank you.

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