Seahawks CAP002 teaser movie

Hello shipmates! Friday has come around very quickly this week after the Cap’n and I had a 4 day week after Port Eliot Festival festivities. Thanks to all who came down and grooved to our DJ set on the friday night! Today we have a little teaser movie for our forthcoming second 12″ on Captains Log – Into Night/Sneaking Past The Fleet (CAP002). Also Seahawks will be smoothly rocking the Big Chill Festival next weekend, Friday night 11:30pm-2am on the Lazyland stage with visuals from our head of Laser Tech.

Have a great weekend!

2 responses to “Seahawks CAP002 teaser movie

  1. Any more news when this’ll be in the shops..? Can’t wait.

    • I believe it’s in the racks as I type. Happy hunting! We’ll be putting up some morsels for sale on the blog as soon as i get the P&P sorted. So much going on in the boatshed!

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