Seahawks CAP003 teaser

Bit late on our friday post due to general busy-ness and friday festivities at our local watering hole, sh*t happens, or doesn’t happen! Anyway, just attended the cut of CAP003 at the very fine Curved yesterday and both tracks sounding mighty fine! I cobbled together this shaky vid of the dubplate cut and dipped it in deep space with a final drizzling of Is This It?, the A side of the 12″. As usual this slice will be distro’d by Rubadub and available from all your fine music boutiques. This baby we hope will have a larger edition than the first 2 (250 & 300 respectively) so more of a chance to nab it.

Also we’ll be offering up limited copies of Astral Winds/High Tides pic 7″ and Omega Beach/Keep on Growing 12″ CAP001 for sale through this blog next week so look out for that if you missed out on the first 2 Seahawks waves.

Have a great weekend!

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