Seahawks Friday download 17

Good day to y’all. Been a while since we had a download up on the Kenny Bloggins and today, being that it’s a fine one out there, we’ve a fine slice of discoid smooth grooving for you called ‘Inbetween Worlds (disco version)’ with a very special ‘guest’! Seahawks have been on an adventure down to the south west coast and we’ve definitely picked up some of the energy that lies in abundance down there. Also had some amazing dolphin sightings, truly a cosmic aquatic sign!

Have a great friday and hope you dig our tune.


3 responses to “Seahawks Friday download 17

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  2. Somehow missed it when it sailed by…
    Please reload! Pretty please, with seafoam on top…

    • gonna be upgrading the soundcloud page soon so will have way more downloads of all the tracks so far. I was checking out how the free versh rolled, now we want more downloadability…

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