Seahawks Friday Download 18

Good day to you all on this mizzley day. This week we have a different approach with a stunning mix that the Captain has put together entitled ‘Exploring The Galaxy’, download and enjoy!

Here’s the tracklisting…

1. Klaus Schulze – Cyborgs Traum 4

2. Mark McGuire – Pocket Full Of Rain

3. Philip Glass – Are Years What?

4. Emeralds – Does It Look Like I’m Here

5. Judee Sill – Enchanted Sky Machines

6. Oneohtrix Point Never – Heavy Water

7. Hatchback – In The Skies

8. Cluster & Eno – Wehrmut

9. Seahawks – The Fog

10. Skyramps – Last Time I saw You

11. Wolfgang Maus – Introduction To Mankind

12. Ariel Kalma – Saxo Forest

13. Hatchback – Comets (Beat Broker mix)

14. Oneohtrix Point Never – Japan Display

15. Brain Machine – Eternal Night (Steve Moore mix)

16. Moscow – Throw Up

17. Klaus Schulze – Cyborgs Traum 4


Also some HOT news of late, we’ve just completed a remix for Badly Drawn Boy that’s going to be released in November and is a version of his LP track ‘You Lied’. Check his homepage for more news on the LP and the remix when it drops.

Have a lovely day shipmates.

4 responses to “Seahawks Friday Download 18

  1. excellent selections!

  2. Got me kicking, yeah thanks!

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