Seahawks & Autre Ne Veut – Don’s Rainbow video

Excited about our collaboration with the wonderful Autre Ne Veut on the Don’s Rainbow single released on 7″ vinyl and download next week, the first on our new label Ocean Moon (OM001). To add to the cosmic wash we’ve had a video made by our own Laser Tech to accompany the A side. We rather like it and hope it floats your sky boat.

Seahawks & Autre Ne Veut – Don’s Rainbow (Video)

Seahawks are delighted to deliver this psych slice of cosmic eye candy made by Seahawks with Bruno Vincent.

The track itself has been described by Autre Ne Veut himself as ‘a modern interpretation of the Bard’s “The Taming of the Shrew” starring yours truly’. We don’t know why but he always has his reasons. And an amazing voice – we’re truly thrilled to be working with him.

ANV’S debut album last year on Olde English Spelling Bee was an incredible rush of warped R&B, 80’s synths, amazing songs and what has to be one of the most innovative voices to emerge in the last 5 years. Since then he’s released a great EP on Hippo’s In Tanks, played mind bending live shows and guested on Ford & Lopatin’s ‘Channel Pressure’ album.

Seahawks were formed by Pete Fowler and Jon Tye in 2010. Their first release ‘Astral Tides’ on Static Caravan, preceded a crazy amount of releases – including four 12’s, two albums, a 7” and two 7 track CD’s not to mention remixes for Badly Drawn Boy and Sound Of Rum – swiftly creating a sizeable and voracious fan base. Seahawks releases now sell out in a matter of days. Always busy, they’ve just completed remixes for The Horrors, Born Blonde, COS/MES and 3F.

‘Don’s Rainbow’ marks a new era for Seahawks: the first release on new label Ocean Moon and the first recording from the ‘Invisible Sunrise’ sessions.

‘Invisible Sunrise’ is the forthcoming album from Seahawks and the first to be recorded with live musicians rather than a hard drive full of dusty old samples. The results are stunningly original, not least on this track with New York head Autre Ne Veut.

Don’s Rainbow sounds like Michael McDonald’s ‘Sweet Freedom’ crossed with ‘Nite Flight’ era Walker Brothers. A fantastic piece of hazy Avant Pop with Jan Hammer pulse wave synths, Yah Mo B There drums and fuzz drenched spirals of soprano sax and guitar colliding with the sound of soul from outer space.

We hope you like the video and the music.


3 responses to “Seahawks & Autre Ne Veut – Don’s Rainbow video

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  2. I’m thinking a full-length Seahawks video has to be made. It simply has to.

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