Seahawks-20 Hot Tub Greats track list

Few requests for the track list on our 20HTG mix CD, free with the first couple of hundred CDs of our new LP Invisible Sunrise. Enjoy:)

Seahawks-20 Hot Tub Greats Pt. 1

1. Fleetwood Mac – You & I Pt 1.

2. JD Souther – Banging My Head Against The Moon

3. Future World Orchestra – Miracles

4. Joni Mitchell – My Secret Place

5. Todd Rundgren – Healing Pt. 1

6. Scritti Politti – The Word Girl/Flesh & Blood (version)

7. Motion – Basshoven

8. Kenny Loggins – Love Will Follow

9. Joe Walsh – Theme From Boat Weirdos

10. The Section – Bad Shoes

4 responses to “Seahawks-20 Hot Tub Greats track list

  1. Excellent cheers guys

  2. Future World Orchestra – Miracles

    great track! thanks for posting this.. I’ll dig more about them 🙂

  3. Just received my copy of this CD. Loving it Cheers.

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