Seahawks new age mix

Big thanks to Sean Rowley for hosting a 30 minute new age mix we did on his BBC radio Kent show last weekend (1:18 into the show).

Listen HERE and an hour long version will be going up on his wonderful blog soon.


1. Seahawks – Land of Shadows Dancing

2. Stephen Halpern – Seventh Chakra keynote B

3. Don Slepian – Awakening

4. Mick Karn – Weather The Windmill

5. Oneohtrix Point Never – Andro

6. Jurgen Muller –    Beyond The Tube

7. Seahawks – Deepstar Dive

8. Emeralds –  Now You See Me

9. Suzanne Ciani – Lixivation

10. Brain Machine – Massive Dying Stars Vibrating Like Giant Speakers

11. Sven Libaek – Peaceful Landscape

12. Jean Luc Ponty – Ethereal Mood

13. Seahawks – Soft Opening

14. Deuter – Meadows and Mystics

15. The Velvet Underground – New Age (Seahawks Wonder Valley Remix)

16. Seahawks – Sky Is You Too

17. Suzanne Ciani – Eighth Wave

new age cover


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