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Seahawks Solstice trip mix (vinyl only)

Aloha! Greetings fellow travellers and let us thank you for joining us on our sonic voyage these past days….this mix includes songs from all ages of the Seahawks story….some are distant memories that it’s hard to even recall creating….no tracklist yet, just wanted you to switch off and get plugged in to the astral grid. All tracks were mixed from vinyl by shipmate Fowler and what a mix it is. FULL DRENCH. So come now relax, cast off your earthly shackles and let’s trip the light fantastic. Happy Solstice.


Electric Nights mix

Seahawks Electric Nights Mix Tape features unreleased Seahawks remixes of The Advisory Circle, Autre Ne Veut, The Horrors and much more….

Electric Nights









Track List:
01. Seahawks & Autre Ne Veut – Don’s Rainbow (Tom Furse Sneaky Peek Re Rub)
02. Seahawks – Catch A Star (New Horizons Mix)
03. Seahawks – Crystal Beach (Quiet Village Cosmic Clam Bake Mix)
04. The Horrors – Comes In Waves (Seahawks Skying Suite)
05. Seahawks – Oceans Of Space (Infinity Net Mix)
06. Born Blonde – Radio Bliss (Seahawks Sea Of Information Mix)
07. Seconds – Another Day (Seahawks Remix)
08. F3 – Lonely Land (Seahawks Remix)
09. Seahawks – Invisible Sunrise (Gatto Fritto New Gold Dawn Mix)
10. Crue-L Grand Orchestra vs Seahawks – Bon Voyage Trip
11. Seahawks – Love On A Mountain Top – (COS/MES Mount Fuji Peaks Mix)
12. The Advisory Circle – Wheel Of The Year (Seahawks Keep On Spinning Mix)

Beach Wizards- S-S-Single Ed

This washed up on the beach. Cleaned off the tar and barnacles and voila.


The Advisory Circle Seahawks remix

Stoked with all our remixes on our current CD/LP. This is one of our faves for sure by the wonderful The Advisory Circle with a sweet, silky and spacey video by Bruno Vincent. This is a ‘radio edit’ with the full, lush version on the album. You can buy our remix album via iTunes and through Rough Trade, Piccadilly Records and maybe from your favourite local shop. Limited amounts of the physical CDs are floating around so don’t sleep on this release.

<p><a href=”″>Seahawks, Calling Always | Advisory Circle remix</a> from <a href=””>Seahawks music</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Seahawks New year 2013 mix Smooth and Spacey

A very happy new year to you all. Thanks for the support over the last year and to say thanks to all that have been deep diving and space walking, we’ve put up a mix to download that’s hot off the valves. It’s a smooth and spacey one, maybe something to ease you into the new year?

Thanks again to all our listeners across the globe and look forward to more new material from us in the next few months.

Stay smooth

smooth and spacey

Seahawks online shop now open!

Big thanks to the lovely peeps at Greedbag for setting up our online shop for us. We have some exclusive items for sale straight off the bat in the form of our first Seahawks tees. The tees come in a bundle of items, the first issue of our zine  The Ocean Moon Digest plus the 20 Hot Tub Greats mix CD and an Ocean Moon badge and sticker for the crazy price of £18.50! Only 80 of these packages exist in the know universe, 40 medium and 40 large so don’t sleep if you’re a smooth bastard.

Also we have the debut release by Seahawks affiliate Praawander in the form of a 5″ x 7″ flexi postcard! This is a 3 minute edit of the full length track with the full version available as a free full fat download on the flip side of the postcard. This is released on the mighty Static Caravan Recordings with the Cat No VAN250. Only 250 of these puppies have been produced with 40 copies on our shop, again, don’t hang about for these!

We’ll be adding  physical copies of our records and CDs, as well as white labels of previous releases amongst other goodies so stay tuned and stay smooth!


Seahawks Balearic Wonders guest mix for Balearic Social Jan 2012

The fine folk at Balearic Social (Hi Andy!) have kindly uploaded our guest mix we did back in January of this year. Dive deep and sail smooth.