About Seahawks

“There are three sorts of people. Those who are alive. Those who are dead. And those who are at sea.” Anacharsis, 6th Century B.C

Seahawks have been on the waves since 2009, sailing on solar winds, cooking up their catches and beachcombing for discarded, unwanted and buried treasures. Sometimes too covered in thick tar for most to notice. Psychedelic yacht rock, deck shoegaze, hazy beach pop vibrations and marina drone are all ports of call.

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Cosmic Nautilogical tweets



19 responses to “About Seahawks

  1. Dear Sea ‘awks,
    I ave spent many years at sea, my advice to you is
    ‘If you don’t know the knot…tie a lot!’
    ‘When the bow be in the trees we’ll be running out of seas’
    Bon Voyage. Cap’n Lee

  2. We love this oceanic knowledge, do you live in Marina Del Rey?

  3. Nice ,have you tried sniff n tears indian ocean for a shot across your bows.

  4. Ahoy there be -beaked ones

    my nom de plom was thought up by young matt humph and I have been wanting to make contact with you as he speaks highly and why of course with the acid soaked visions that have given me much pleasure through association with the Furries – this selection is right up my strait I would like to book the hawks soon as they are “going live” and going ashore – set sail for the heart of the sun here rob@xk8organisation.com or strike matt with a rusty anchor and get the bastard lubber to send me a telegram or sea pigeon dj sets too would be suez canal sweet

  5. is there any way to digitally get your tunes? much appreciated

  6. Charlie Hatch

    wow, haven’t seen anybody keep the fire quite like this. a new dawn breaks over crimson shores. take warning

  7. Love on a Mountain Top- Remix, best tune you’ve done yet love it.

  8. We are voting you are #1 music collective for 2011 ..
    on our show and on our Facebook pages.. and twitter..
    Love the Seahawks music..

    would be great to get you on our radioshow for 2012 ..
    1 hour mix of sea worthy ness would be bliss..

    x sugar

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  10. Thanks for good info 🙂

  11. is this really Jon from the monolithic MLO??

  12. sometimes make me remember of those days where i discover Global Communication, Dj Harvey, A mountain of one…so personnal Joy

  13. your music is so amazing……aqua disco and paradise freaks will stand the tests of time….end of….

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